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Frequently Asked Questions

Seat Belt Awareness Course

Devon and Cornwall Police in partnership with the TTC Group have developed a Seat Belt Awareness Course to give you the opportunity to complete an educational workshop as an alternative to paying a fine, if they have been caught driving without wearing a seat belt.

The Seat Belt Awareness Course is a classroom-based (theory only) course that takes around 90 minutes to complete. The course content and delivery is designed to educate and explain why it is important for you to wear a seatbelt.

Wearing a seat belt cannot only save your life but those of other passengers and the driver – especially if you are sitting in the rear of the vehicle. It may seem obvious, but seat belts save lives. There is no excuse for not wearing one. In a crash, you are twice as likely to die if you don’t wear a seat belt.

If you are caught driving without a seat belt on by the Police, you will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice and a £100 fine. If prosecuted, the maximum fine is £500. If you are within the pilot area of the Devon & Cornwall Police Authority you may be invited to attend a Seat Belt Awareness Course as an alternative to receiving a penalty notice and a fine.

If you have been referred to a Seat Belt Alertness Course click here to book.

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