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Frequently Asked Questions

RIDE Scheme

Rider Intervention Developing Experience (RIDE)

The RIDE Scheme has been designed as an intervention for those motorcyclists whose behaviour has been brought to the attention of the Police.

It is important to note that whilst motorcyclists only make up around 1% of the driving population they account for a highly disproportionate number of serious injury or fatal collisions. There are many reasons why this is the case, however the very nature of motorcycling and the mindset of some motorcyclists exposes them to extreme dangers, hence why the RIDE scheme focuses on changing the motorcyclists driving behaviour.

The scheme is offered by the Police to motorcyclists who have been involved in behaviour that is deemed by the Police to be thrill or sensation seeking and also those who by the very nature of their riding could be defined as driving their motorbike in an anti-social or careless manner. TTC delivers RIDE course on behalf of the following Police forces: Cumbria; South Yorkshire; Devon and Cornwall; Avon and Somerset; West Mercia; West Midlands; Scotland; North Yorkshire, South Wales, Gwent and North Wales. TTC delivers RIDE course at 26 venues across these areas.

The RIDE, 5 hour classroom-based course invites offenders to question their own assumptions about their ability and competency to ride a motorcycle and to alert them to the vulnerability that reckless, careless or anti social riding can attract.  The aim of the course is to prevent riders from re-offending or worse, becoming a casualty.

If you have been referred to a RIDE Course and would like to book now, please call the Contact Centre on 0330 024 1805 to speak to a member of the team who will be more than happy to assist.

You can only attend a RIDE Course if you have been referred by the Police.

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