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Frequently Asked Questions

National Speed Awareness Course

In 2015, according to Government statistics  1,207,570 drivers opted to complete a Speed Awareness Course (NSAC), as an alternative to receiving fixed penalty points and a fine.

The National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) scheme is designed to allow the Police to divert low-end speeding motorists to a re-education course. The course content is designed to change the driver’s behaviour with the aim of preventing the driver from reoffending.

To qualify for a National Speed Awareness Course the driver’s speeding needs to be within certain limits for example in a 30mph zone, your speed needs to be between (and including) 35mph and 42mph. On motorways, the figure needs to be between (and including) 79mph and 86mph. Furthermore, you will not be offered a Speed Awareness Course if you have taken one in the three years prior to your most recent speeding offence.

The National Speed Awareness Course is a half-day theory based workshop designed to help you recognise speed limits, address the reasons for speeding and give you information to help you reduce the likelihood of speeding in the future. Completing the workshop means that you will not have to pay the Fixed Penalty Notice and you will not get penalty points on your licence.

There are up to 24 people on each course and 2 course trainers. The people attending are of all ages and driving experiences. It is a relaxed setting for you to assess your driving behaviour and gain tips to reduce the likelihood of speeding in the future.

TTC delivers National Speed Awareness Courses in the areas covered by the following Police Authorities: West Midlands; Cumbria; South Yorkshire; Gwent and South Wales; West Mercia; Avon and Somerset; Devon and Cornwall; North Yorkshire and North Wales.

If you have been referred by the Police to attend a National Speed Awareness Course book here.

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