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Posted on 07/05/2015 by

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Driving Quiz

Take the driving quiz to see how much you know. Answers at the bottom.

We are all good drivers though, aren’t we ?

We’ve seen those who tailgate the car in front, hog the motorway centre lane in a trance like state, or pull out without looking totally unaware of other road users. Nip through traffic lights on amber ? Well it was just changing, wasn’t it ?

Drive over the speed limit, make a wrong manoeuvre, or come off a traffic island without signalling – an annoying habit if you are the other car waiting to go.

No, we are all excellent drivers and never make a single mistake – well, actually that is impossible. We are all human and we ALL make mistakes.

Whether we have a minor concentration lapse, forget the rules of the road momentarily, or never knew them in the first place.

But maybe it is time to brush up on our motoring skills. When was the last time you re-read the Highway Code, took an advanced driving test or went on a company driving course to improve your driving skills.

At the TTC Group our Approved Driving Instructors’ re-educate 300,000 qualified drivers and other road users each year in the classroom and out on the road as part of police and local authority road safety schemes to reduce casualties nationwide.

They also educate drivers in your area. Visit www.ttc-uk.com to learn more. Take the TTC Group test below and see how much you really know.

  1. What is the national speed limit for a car travelling on a single carriageway? a. 30mph b. 60mph c. 70mph
  2. What is the speed limit for a car travelling on a dual carriageway that has street lights present? a. 30mph b. 60mph c. 70mph
  3. If another driver flashes their headlights at you, you should take this to mean? a. An invitation to come out of a. junction b. It is safe to proceed c. A warning that they are there
  4. How do you know when a 30mph speed limit is in force, even though you may have missed the sign? a. The presence of traffic lights b. The presence of street lights c. The road is in a built-up area
  5. What are the correct sequence of signals to give when turning right at a roundabout? a. Signal right on approach and maintain a right signal until you have left the roundabout b. Signal right on approach, changing to a left signal, just after you pass the exit before yours c. Signal left just before you leave the roundabout
  6. When driving what time gap should you maintain from the vehicle in front on a dry road? a. A half second gap b. A one second gap c. A two second gap
  7. What does ABS stand for? a. Automatic Braking System b. Antilock Braking System c. Artificial Braking Standard
  8. What is the typical minimum stopping distance for a car travelling at 30mph on a dry road? a. 23 metres (75 feet) b. 12 metres (40 feet) c. 36 metres (118 feet)
  9. What does a circular sign with a white background and thick black diagonal line tell us? a. Speed derestricted b. The national speed limit applies c. No speed limit
  10. What is the maximum speed limit on a dual carriageway for a car towing a trailer? a. 50mph b. 55mph c. 60mph
  11. What is the legal minimum tread depth for a car tyre? a. 1.4mm b. 1.6mm c. 1.8mm
  12.  What do long white lines with small gaps along the centre of the road mean? a. Do not cross or straddle the white lines b. No overtaking lines c. Hazard warning lines
  13. What is the speed limit for now for an LGV on a single carriageway? a. 40mph b. 50mph c. 60mph
  14. At what time must you not use your horn in a built up area? a. Half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise b. 11.30pm to 7am c. When it’s dark
  15. You are driving on a motorway and see red cat eyes on your right. You should immediately: a. Move to the right when it is safe to do so b. Move to the left when it is safe to do so c. Remain where you are

Answers: 1 = b, 2 = a, 3 = c, 4 = b, 5 = b, 6 = c, 7 = b, 8 = a, 9 = b, 10 = c, 11 = b, 12 = c, 13 = a, 14 = b, 15 = a (red cats eyes separate hard shoulder from lane 1 – so you would be driving on the hard shoulder).

Safe driving from all at the TTC Group.

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