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Posted on 10/11/2017 by

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glass of wine

Drink Driving Shock

It can and does happen to people just like you, shocked when they are caught drink driving.

They come from all walks of life, from lawyers to business leaders, secretaries to shift workers, delivery drivers to doctors.

Drink driving cuts across all levels of society, says Anne Renwick, who runs rehabilitation courses on behalf of the UKs leading road safety education organisation, the TTC Group, which also advises the business world on how to reduce the risk for their staff who drive for work.

The course helps people change their ways and not re-offend in the future, says Anne, who reveals how people can and do change their drinking behaviour as part of Alcohol Awareness Week which starts on Nov 13

Where offenders were once given fines, many who are just under twice the limit now receive Community Service Orders.

Footballer Wayne Rooney recently completed 120 hours of unpaid work and was banned from driving for two years after he was caught driving almost three times over the limit. He said he had made “a terrible mistake.”

“The reasons for offending vary. People can be impetuous and seem to think they won’t get caught,” says Anne, who has more than 20 years experience of working to change people’s behaviour with the award winning TTC Group, which works with police and the corporate world to educate drivers to reduce road casualties.

“Something happens at home or they are angry, drunk or hungry and go out for food. It’s often a split second decision or I’ve only got to drive around the corner.

“It cuts across all age groups, professions, and types of people. Those who have a catastrophic event, relationship breakup, or have drunk over the weekend and morning after and some who blatantly break the law,” she adds.

She revealed how people drive the morning after drinking a couple of bottles of wine oblivious they are over the limit for at least 18 hours. Six pints of strong lager stays in the system for about 24 hours.

“We give them the skills to avoid being in such a situation again.”

Course attendees are grateful, send chocolates, cards – and even bottles of wine.

One course goer said: “I wish I had this knowledge a long time ago.”

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