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Posted on 07/04/2017 by elaineadams

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Speed Cameras Cut Collisions

The TTC Group, which educates speeding motorists, has welcomed a report that speed cameras cut traffic collisions by 30% on average.

Speed cameras have led to a significant change in how people drive and contributed to the gradual reduction of road deaths and injuries, says TTC Group’s Director Alan Prosser.

“People have reduced their speed as a result of safety cameras which can only be a good thing. This report proves that they can save lives.”

“If we think about our roads, at 41mph a vehicle moves 18 metres (60ft), that’s about two bus lengths every second considerably reducing a driver’s thinking time as well as the ability to stop if a child crosses the road outside school or near the shops,” he says.

“This is a long distance to travel when you may need to respond to a situation and avoid a collision. Driving at excessive, or inappropriate speeds is totally irresponsible. Speed limits and speed cameras are there for a reason.”

The study, led by Professor Dan Graham, a mathematician at Imperial College, London, looked at data from 771 camera sites in Cheshire, Dorset, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Leicester, Merseyside, Sussex and the West Midlands.

“Our case study results indicate the speed cameras do cause a significant reduction in road traffic accidents, by as much as 30% on average for treated sites,” says their report.

“This is an important result that could help inform public policy debates on appropriate measures to reduce Road Traffic Accidents,” it concludes.

A total of 330,000 attend speed awareness courses each year run by the TTC Group, on behalf of police and local authorities, to reduce road casualties.

“Most people who attend speed awareness courses have not deliberately driven over the limit. It is usually an error of judgement and we help them to change their driving behaviour so they stay within the limits in the future,” adds Mr Prosser.


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