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Drive Ban Reduction Calculator

This calculator can be used to assist Courts when working out reductions in disqualification periods and establishing course completion dates.

The following has been extracted verbatim from the Sentencing Guidelines Council’s publication entitled Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines:

“21. The reduction must be at least three months but cannot be more than one quarter of the total period of disqualification:

  • a period of 12 months disqualification must be reduced to nine months;
  • in other cases, a reduction of one week should be made for every month of the disqualification so that, for example, a disqualification of 24 months will be reduced by 24 weeks.

22. When it makes the order, the court must specify a date for completion of the course which is at least two months before the end of the reduced period of disqualification.”

– Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines, P.186, Paragraphs 21/22

Court Date Months

Court Date Months Banned Drive Again Full Ban Reduction Drive Again Reduced Ban Complete Course Before
16/03/2017 12 months 16/03/2018 3 Months 16/12/2017 16/10/2017
Ready Reckoner
Court Date Months Banned Drive Again Full Ban Reduction Drive Again Reduced Ban Complete Course Before
16/03/201712 Months16/03/20183 Months16/12/201716/10/2017
16/03/201715 Months16/06/201815 Weeks03/03/201803/01/2018
16/03/201718 Months16/09/201818 Weeks13/05/201813/03/2018
16/03/201720 Months16/11/201820 Weeks29/06/201829/04/2018
16/03/201724 Months16/03/201924 Weeks29/09/201829/07/2018
16/03/201730 Months16/09/201930 Weeks18/02/201918/12/2018
16/03/201736 Months16/03/202036 Weeks08/07/201908/05/2019
16/03/201742 Months16/09/202042 Weeks27/11/201927/09/2019
16/03/201748 Months16/03/202148 Weeks14/04/202014/02/2020

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