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What's Driving Us?

The What’s Driving Us? is currently part of a pilot scheme that TTC 2000 is offering on behalf of the Police. The scheme has been put into place to give Police the discretion to offer drivers who commit selected road traffic offences the opportunity to attend a course as an alternative to potential prosecution, or the Fixed Penalty system of a fine and penalty points.

The course aims to produce safer and more responsible attitudes towards driving, and seeks to increase the motivation to drive with consideration for other road users. It is a short theory session (3.25 hours) based in a training room, there is no practical on-road element.

It is widely considered that around 95% of road traffic collisions have driver error as a major contributory factor, addressing this would have significant benefit on reducing the number of people who are killed, and injured on our roads.

All schemes, including What’s Driving Us?, that are offered by the Police as an alternative to the prosecution process find their origins within the North Report (the Road Traffic Law Review 1988) whose author, Dr Peter North, pointed out that "It must be in the public interest to rectify a fault rather than punish the transgressor” and said “Re-training of traffic offenders may lead to an improvement in their driving, particularly if their training is angled towards their failings."

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