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It is well documented that speed, or inappropriate speed contributes to a significant percentage of all crashes and a higher percentage of more serious crashes.

TTC Speed Awareness


Around 430 people a year are killed in crashes in which someone exceeds the speed limit or drives too fast for the conditions. (Source RoSPA)

The overall aim of the course is to explore and challenge the reasons why people speed and to help drivers develop a personal speed awareness strategy to prevent future lapses leading to misuse of speed.

When given the option, more than eight out of ten people choose to attend a speed awareness course.

How do the awareness courses operate and who can attend?

This scheme will allow the police service to divert low-end speeding motorists to education as opposed to the Fixed Penalty System.

There are a number of constabularies who have adopted the National Speed Awareness Scheme, created to educate drivers and riders about the dangers of driving at both excessive and inappropriate speeds.

Any driver who is detected driving at the speed identified as suitable in a force area and who has not previously attended a course within a 3 year period, will be offered a course in the area where the offence is committed or in an area where the national scheme has also been adopted.

The National Speed Awareness Scheme has been put in place to give offenders who drive in excess of the speed limit the opportunity to attend a driver re-education course on the effects and dangers of speeding.

The course gives a driver an option of attending a Speed Awareness course as an alternative to the Fixed Penalty Scheme of a fine and penalty points endorsed on their licence.


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