Drink Driver Education Courses

TTC 2000 is the UK's largest provider of the Department for Transport's drink drive rehabilitation scheme.

Referred drink drivers who successfully complete a course with us are eligible for a reduction in their disqualification of up to 25%. The drink drive course is designed to be educational; covering alcohol education, impact on health, responsible driving, the law, sentencing, and victims. Most courses are run over three days in a two/ three-week period. Courses are available on both weekdays and weekends. Independent research shows attendance on a course significantly reduces reconviction rates. Many participants also benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

Course content and benefits

All drink drivers, (offered a course by the court) who complete a course with us, will get some time off their disqualification.

If you have been given a 12 month ban then you will be given a 3 month reduction.

When the ban is longer than 12 months you get UP TO a quarter off the ban. Sometimes it is less, it depends on what the magistrates told you in court. 

For example:

16 month ban - up to 4 months reduction

24 month ban - up to 6 months reduction

36 month ban - up to 9 months reduction.

Will that help get you back into work, make shift work easier or help your social life?

Drink drivers who are referred to us by the courts can complete a course at any of our 100 venues - find a course in your area.

Courses delivered in Wales are governed by the Welsh Government and differ slightly to those in England by way of price. TTC has 14 venues across North, Mid and South Wales’. Please proceed to our ‘Book a Course’ page to access venue and fee information.

What does the course cover?

  • The course looks at alcohol and helps you to understand how to separate it from your driving. We are not looking to get you to give up alcohol and we do not provide a counselling service.
  • You will understand how little alcohol it takes to be over the limit 'the next day'.
  • You will look at the effects that alcohol can have on your health.
  • You will find out how you can be arrested for a 'drink driving' offence even by sleeping in a car after drinking.
  • You will explore the decision making that magistrates go through in drink drive cases.
  • You will hear about the loss suffered by relatives of victims of drink drivers (but we will not shock you with pictures of dead bodies).
  • You will be given details of how to apply for your licence back, together with details of insurance companies that offer reasonable rates for people who have completed a course.

And afterwards?

You will be a safer driver. Research has shown, over a 6 year period, that 17% of people who do NOT attend a course are caught again drink driving. For those who DO attend a course, only 7% are caught again.

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